Some Sneaky ‘Fallout 76’ Players Finally Found An NPC In The Game


Fallout 76 gamers have had a lot of complaints about the title since its November release. Things like canvas bags that weren’t actually canvas and a surprisingly empty world have plagued Bethesda’s foray into a Fallout world based entirely online.

Bethesda is working hard to improve the game and limit stories of frustrated gamers getting locked out of Nuke facilities because of a Y2K-like glitch, but every few days, it seems a new strange Fallout story hits the web. The latest is that gamers have found a secret developers room in Fallout 76. Every game has a version of this room, which has every conceivable weapon and item from the game inside it. Users that found the room quickly took items from the chests and some even reportedly sold on eBay, though that wasn’t verified just yet.

A YouTube video of the developer room and its general location was quickly pulled down, but not before gamers could get a look at the contents and, most importantly, the game’s only known non player character that’s not essentially a robot vending machine.

As reported, the secret developers room has a bevy of valuable weapons and items in it, including some unreleased items that could be highly coveted. But one of the most interesting parts of the room is that it appears to have the game’s only NPC hiding inside.

Above is Wooby, who apparently is not good for much more than target practice.’s Emma Kent reported, the NPC is likely there for the developers to experiment on with the weapons that are found in the room itself. It’s not a glamorous role for poor Wooby, but he does have the distinction of being the game’s only true NPC, at least for now. As Fallout 76 continues to evolve things might change, but the lack of NPCs have highlighted just how much of the traditional Fallout experience was made better by the stories and personalities around the people you interacted with.

Maybe Wooby will make his debut in a place where gamers not willing to hack can find him. But for now, he’s the answer to an obscure trivia question you’ll probably never get asked.