‘Far Cry 4’ Trailer Details Its Competitive, Faction-Based Mutliplayer Mode

Co-op is set to be a major focus of Far Cry 4, but don’t worry, you’ll get the chance to murder your fellow players as well. Battles of Kyrat is actually competitive and co-op at the same time – in the mode, you join either the Golden Path or the Rakshasa and battle the other faction for supremacy. Each faction will have different strengths and goals, so choosing your side matters. For instance, in the Outpost match type, the Golden Path is tasked with establishing outposts, while the Rakshasa have to destroy them.

Check out Battles of Kyrat in action below…

Looks solid, although not terribly balanced. Why would you ever not play as the guys who can summon tigers out of thin air?

Via VG 24/7