‘Far Cry Primal’ Is Giving One ‘Lucky’ Contest Winner The Chance To Sleep In A Cave For A Night

Far Cry Primal places you in the loincloth of a caveman who has to scrounge, hunt and battle for survival in an inhospitable prehistoric world. As far as video games go, it looks pretty fun, but I’m not sure I’d want to experience Far Cry Primal in real life.

Well, apparently Ubisoft thinks some people do, as the publisher has unveiled a new contest where the “prize” is a chance to sleep in a cave for a night. Not a fancy hotel room built into a cave or made to look like a cave – just a regular goddamn cave. The #CaveBnB contest page lists all sorts of high-larious amenities like “natural heating,” “outside toilets” and room for two. How romantic! According to Ubisoft, the winner will engage in an intensive survival course before being left in the cave, so you probably won’t die, at least. Probably.

If you want to enter the contest (for some reason), you just have to tweet the hashtag #CaveBnB to @FarCryGame along with your 140 character reason for wanting to win. I mean, obviously a cave is a great place to build your bunker for the coming Reckoning, but I’m not sure I can think of a reason to stay in one for just one night. Oh, and sorry, the contest is only open to folks from Britain and Western Europe. I guess us North Americans will just have to find our own caves to sleep in.

(Via PC Gamer)