‘Final Fantasy XV’ Has Magical Summons And They’re Absolutely Insane

Warning: This video contains some minor Final Fantasy XV spoilers.

Final Fantasy XV certainly looks impressive, what with its huge, beautiful world, crazy creatures and slick-looking battle system, but what about magic? Magic has almost always been a major part of Final Fantasy, and we know it will be a party of Final Fantasy XV, but we haven’t seen much evidence of it so far.

Well, fans have been digging into the new Final Fantasy XV demo that just released today, and they found all sorts of things, including the game’s first summon. Of course, summons are the extra powerful spells that call on legendary creatures to help you in battle.

The Final Fantasy XV summon players have discovered can be activated once your main character is low on health, and it’s absolutely nuts. It basically calls on God himself (who looks to be around 1,000 feet tall) to rain down destruction upon your enemies. Yeah.

If you want to get in on the Final Fantasy XV action, a code for the demo comes with the purchase of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

via Kotaku