Five Games: ‘Day of the Tentacle Remastered’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

PCs, handhelds, mobile, console, indies, triple A, free-to-play — the gaming scene gets more diverse and difficult to follow by the day, but thankfully I’m here every week to guide you through what’s happening with games.

As always, I’ll rattle off five games I think you might want to check out this week. Keep in mind, these articles aren’t meant to be comprehensive lists of everything coming out that week so much as a nice rounded tasting menu. So, here are the games you need to know about this week…

This Week’s DLC

Fallout 4: Automatron (PC, Xbox One & PS4, March 22)

The first DLC expansion for Fallout 4 is almost here! Automatron introduces The Mechanist, a new villain who’s flooding The Commonwealth with dangerous robotic baddies. Thankfully, you can destroy these enemies and use their salvaged scrap to craft your own custom robot companion. Get ready for some post-apocalyptic Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em action.

This Week’s Point-and-Click Adventure

Samorost 3 (PC & Mac, March 24)

Samorost 3 is the latest gorgeous, hand-drawn and painted adventure game from Amanita Design, the team behind Machinarium and Botanicula. Like those games, Samorost 3 is another wordless adventure game in which you explore a beautifully-rendered dreamy world, and solve puzzles using very simple one-click controls. If you’ve never played an Amanita Design game, you owe it to yourself to check Samorost 3 out. Here’s the game’s Steam page.

This Week’s Action-RPG

Way of the Samurai 3 (PC, March 23)

Originally released back in 2008 in Japan, an updated version of Way of the Samurai 3 finally makes it to North America. The Way of the Samurai games are action RPGs set in a relatively historically accurate version of feudal Japan. Play as a lone samurai, and explore Sengoku era Japan, craft your own weapons, and experience a complex branching storyline. Find out why the Way of the Samurai series is a cult favorite for yourself. Here’s the game’s Steam page.

This Week’s Racing Game

TrackMania Turbo (PC, Xbox One & PS4, March 22)

Ubisoft’s somewhat under-the-radar racing series returns to consoles this week, with TrackMania Turbo. As with past TrackMania games, Turbo focuses on crazy-fast arcade action, pulling off tricks and, of course, building your own custom insane tracks. TrackMania Turbo looks like another fun entry in this solid series.

Pick of the Week

Day of the Tentacle Remastered (PC, PS4 & PS Vita, March 22)

The classic Day of the Tentacle returns this week in an all-new remastered version. The first game co-directed by Tim Schafer, Day of the Tentacle took the characters from the seminal Maniac Mansion and gave them a wacky, humor-packed ’90s makeover. This remaster features totally redone HD art, streamlined controls and creator commentaries. Day of the Tentacle is still one of the best graphic adventure games of all time, so if you’ve never played it, now’s the time to give it a try.

No huge name releases this week, but some good stuff if you’re willing to stray from your comfort zone. Any games you’re itching to get your hands on that I failed to mention? Hit the comments and let the world know.