The Five Games You Need To Play This Week: ‘Pit People,’ ‘Sylvio,’ And More

01.09.17 3 years ago

How many games do you hear about in a given week? With more platforms, and more ways to find games, than ever before, keeping track of the flood of games, never mine their quality, can feel impossible. That’s what we’re here for. Every week, we’ll pick out five games that stand out above the rest. And this first real release week, we’ve got some interesting games in the pipe.

Pick Of The Week

Pit People, Tuesday, Xbox One and PC

The Behemoth — made up of Newgrounds alumni if you remember those days of the internet — has had three excellent games in a row: Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, and Battleblock Theater were deft examples of their genres while offering a unique art style and a quirky sense of humor. So while this game is Early Access, the idea of this crew tackling a co-op turn-based strategy game has a lot of promise. Also a snide god telling his blond hero “tough tater tots” is just too funny to pass up.

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