‘Fortnite’ Maker Epic Has A Customer Service Problem, According To The Better Business Bureau

01.12.19 7 months ago

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Fortnite is absolutely the game of the moment, especially if you’re a rude teen that wants to dab all over some washed gamers trying in vain to get a Victory Royale. The free game is dominating basically every platform it’s available on, Fortnite streamer Ninja rang in the new year in Times Square in New York, and he made more money than many traditional sports athletes last year.

Epic, the company that makes Fortnite, is also making plenty of money off the game, even if it is free to play for most. But according to one company, it has a serious problem with customer service.

The Better Business Bureau, an independent company which monitors consumer satisfaction, gave Epic an F rating and explained that a lot of unsatisfied customers have struggled with Epic’s customer service.

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