‘Frostpunk’ Turns Back The Freeze With Its ‘The Last Autumn’ Expansion

Frostpunk is a great game winter game to get you depressed about the icy end of the world, which is why it makes sense an expansion for the city-building survival game gives players a peek into what the world looked like before the cold. On Tuesday, 11 bit studios dropped a new expansion for the critically-acclaimed game which saw a console release in 2019.

Called The Last Autumn, the expansion gives players a new scenario — build the life-saving generator at the center of your city before the frost of winter hits and starts the original game’s journey north. For players of the original game, a landscape of greens and browns is jarring, but as the launch trailer shows the clock is ticking on the end of the world and there’s much to do.

11 bit studios

The expansion includes a new Endless Mode which throws challenge after challenge at you, if the pressure and balancing of people’s needs and the realities of death in the main story just wasn’t enough for you. There are also the classic moral quandaries at play here as well. Two new law books let you shape society to your liking, hopefully with an eye on productivity given the time crunch and the end of all humanity looming. Should you make cocaine pills legal? That’s up to you! Just be prepared to deal with the consequences if things go too far.

11 bit studios

The Last Autumn features new buildings that are actually useful outside of the permafrost, such as docks. There’s also a labor union building and the requisite strikes that come with it. There looks to be a lot to tinker with in this expansion, and a bit of color is certainly welcome given the bleak palate of the regular game.

11 bit also teased another expansion with its release of The Last Autumn, an unexplained title called “Project TVADGYCGJR.” No word on a release date for that one, but if you’re playing Frostpunk on PC you’ll have your hands full racing against the cold until that expansion hits your Season Pass, anyway.