‘Futurama’ Is Returning In Mobile Game Form With ‘Game Of Drones’

Getty Image / Michael Buckner

Good news, everyone! Futurama‘s coming to a mobile device near you.

As you wait patiently like the loyal Seymour that you are for this animated cult smash to be resurrected once more, Fox Digital Entertainment and Wooga (the German mobile gaming giant behind Diamond Dash) have announced that they’ll have a playable Futurama offering in the not too distant future. Ideally, an All My Circuits game won’t be too far behind.

Care for some details on this upcoming mobile game? We’d be happy to provide them. Here’s what Wooga’s press release promises the public:

The game, titled FUTURAMA: Game of Drones, takes players on a journey with the Planet Express crew as they fight a desperately imbalanced trade war against longtime shipping rival MomCo. While delivering dangerous cargo to hazardous locations under ill-advised circumstances, players connect groups of delivery drones to solve an array of fiendish puzzles as they venture into iconic environments from the FUTURAMA universe.

Here’s a promo image for additional anticipation escalation.

Futurama: Game of Drones appears to be in safe hands from a creative perspective. Futurama writer/producer Patric Verrone, Secret Of Monkey Island’s Dave Grossman, and Game Of Thrones: Ascent’s Jonathon Myers are your screenplay team. No release date has been offered up as of late, so just keep staring at that promotional poster and let your expectations grow wildly out of control.

(Via Mashable)