A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Perfectly Explained The Show’s Problems Using Video Game Logic

05.16.19 2 months ago


There’s a lot to talk about with Game of Thrones, especially as it reaches its final episode. The wildly popular HBO show has never had better ratings, but it’s also seemingly never been less liked by fans. Its penultimate episode, for example, was the least-liked episode on Rotten Tomatoes of the whole series.

Extra attention always brings extra criticism, but a lot of that has to do with the uneven nature of the show’s final season. A lot of factors are at play — the people behind Game of Thrones are trying to wrap up a massive show with sprawling storylines and it’s never easy to land a beloved show no matter what the story looks like.

Spoilers ahead here, but the way the show has dealt with a lot of things in its final two seasons has been uneven at best. And as fans discuss their problems with the show it seems that video game terminology often pops up. And so this tweet from a gamer and Game of Thrones viewer was especially prophetic about the season’s ups and downs.

Gamer Justin Wong tweeted about the show’s fifth episode on Monday and gave a list of “patch notes” for “The Bells” that reads like a video game patch, listing changes to certain aspects of the show.

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