Get All Toasty And Nostalgic With This Fantastic ‘Earthbound’ Animated Tribute

The under-appreciated in its day, cult favorite RPG, Earthbound turned 20 recently and so to celebrate and a dedicated Earthbound fan has released the fours years in the making Project PK Flash, a fantastic little animated retelling of Earthbound’s iconic story. Mr. Saturn, The Runaway Five, retro new-age hippies — it’s all here, and it’s set to lovely little vocal versions of prominent Earthbound songs. Aside from all that, it’s just a great little bit of animation, even if you aren’t a Earthbound/Mother fan.

Check it out below…

Need more Earthbound stuff after that? Well, Ness is in the new Super Smash Bros. and Nintendo finally re-released he original game on the Wii U’s virtual console last year. Boing!

Via Destructoid