‘Goat Simulator’ Tears The Throat Out Of Zombie Games In Its Latest Expansion, ‘GoatZ’

Goat Simulator is the joke the keeps on giving. The original Goat Simulator was a parody of the countless, cheaply-produced “Simulator” games littering Steam, and since then the guys behind Goat Simulator have gone on to target other overdone genres. There was Goat MMO Simulator, which took aim at MMOs and lazy fantasy RPGs and now we have GoatZ, a thorough take down of the beaten to death (eh?) zombie survival genre.

GoatZ features all the mandatory zombie survival game staples like a mostly useless crafting system, having to eat every five minutes to stay alive, and of course, bugs. Lots and lots of bugs! These ones are funny and semi-intentional though.

GoatZ is available today. See if you can tell the difference between it and half the zombie games already on Steam!

(via Kotaku)