Godzilla Is A Chubby-Thighed Badass In The Latest Trailer For His New Video Game

A few months back it was revealed that Godzilla was returning to stomp Tokyo in video game form, and now we have a better look at the game, simply titled Godzilla, in action. The footage won’t blow you away visually (this is a PS3 game after all) but it does look like some solid, city crushing, atomic breath blowing, monster-punching fun. The game is also specifically designed to be reminiscent of classic Godzilla flicks, with similar camera angles, film tints and buildings that intentionally look like they’re made of cardboard.

Check out the trailer below…

The game hits this winter in Japan. No word yet on a western release, but it seems unlikely Bandai-Namco wouldn’t make a grab for a few quick kaiju bucks.