A Gorgeous Multiplayer-Only Recreation Of ‘Goldeneye 007’ Is Out And It’s Free

For a generation of gamers, Goldeneye 007 (or Goldeneye 64 for the rough and tumble gamers) was the first step into a life of first person shooters. Some lucky kids had 3.5-inch shareware floppy disks of Doom, maybe even Duke Nukem 3D, but for most — this was it. Sleepovers in which 4-player split-screen tournaments dominated the tube TV were the norm. The clunky, oddly-designed N64 controllers would dangle off the front of bicycle handlebars like a cowboy’s six-shooter, ready to be tested in neighborhood battle royales. For a few years, nothing was more important that Goldeneye. Nothing.

As we know, time defeats (almost) all games. The industry moved on, and just a few years later Halo, broadband and a new generation of console wars would deem Pierce Brosnan’s polygonal face obsolete. But the fans remembered. Oh yes, they remembered. These kids would grow up to be game developers, and over the last five years, they’ve worked diligently using Valve’s Source engine (the engine that powered Portal, Half-Life 2, L4D, Team Fortress, Counter-Strike ((small games)) to remaster Goldeneye 007 for the next generation. N0 — the current generation of gamers.

In this multiplayer-only recreation of the classic shooter, you’ll enjoy 25 levels (the original had 11), all of the guns you remember loving and hating, 60fps of smooth, hi-res gameplay and the unique rage only shooting over an Oddjob can supply.

The best part? It’s free.

(Via The Verge)