Google Is Reportedly Working On A Video Game Console To Rival The Xbox And Playstation

06.28.18 8 months ago 7 Comments

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Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation have been at the forefront of console gaming for more than a decade, but according to reports, a new challenger may be arriving soon.

The next stage of the console wars may be closer than we once thought, and Microsoft’s newest console may already have a target date. But it turns out Google might be working on a project to challenge the status quo of console gaming as well.

Some gamers might not remember when Microsoft was a newcomer to the console gaming scene, but it is possible to join in if you have a massive amount of cash to spend and are willing to operate at a loss until you penetrate the traditionally loyal gaming market. Some Google tech has seen integration on consoles before, and the company is no stranger to making mini-games, but testing the console market is an entirely different story.

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