How ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Can Be The Best In The Series

The rumor that Rockstar is at work developing another Grand Theft Auto game got a lot of people excited on Sunday. The franchise is, after all, a boundary breaking playground that lets adults live out their crime-y fantasies in the safety of a console game, but its most recent iterations haven’t been perfect. Whether that has to do with anything relating to Rockstar or if it’s the simple evolution of gamers who have been spoiled rotten by the freedoms offered by the GTA games and those that have followed is another question. One that we’re not answering right now. Instead, the Uproxx staff is going to… well, pretty much act like spoiled gamers while rattling off our wishlist for GTA 6. So, read our musings and then let us know what you want out of the next Grand Theft Auto.

Let’s start with a kid-friendly mode, a switch you can flip to disable the guns and violent missions. Simply put, there’s just so much stuff to do in the game, and I keep hearing about parents taking their kids on a virtual tour where they race submarines, go shopping, parachute off buildings, and so on. Why not enable that?

On a more basic level, a better mission structure. One of the central frustrations of GTA is that it’s a huge, open world that’s a lot of fun to explore, but the missions are often heavily scripted: You have to do THIS thing at THIS time or ELSE. Just give us a main objective, secondary objectives, and a few suggestions and let us loose on the game. – Dan Seitz

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