Someone Used ‘GTA V’ To Remake Blink-182’s ‘What’s My Age Again’ Video

With the freedom that Grand Theft Auto V allows its players, we’ve been lucky enough to see a fair amount of really great parodies come from the best-selling game. From King of the Hill to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Wavves actually making an official video in the game, the GTA V world is certainly ripe for pop culture bliss. But today may just take the cake as Michael, Franklin, and Trevor take on a pop-punk classic.

Blink-182‘s “What’s My Age Again,” from the similarly “mature” album Enema of the State, featured the three dudes running through the streets of Los Angeles totally nude while crossing paths with all of the weirdos that the City of Angels has to offer. While it’s not identical (where are you, banana man?!), it’s a nearly faithful recreation of the late ’90s smash hit.

While perhaps maybe none of the main characters would probably listen to Blink in their off time, it still makes for an impressive remake. Hopefully no one will tell Trevor to Take Off His Pants and Jacket. He will definitely take that to heart.

Compare the remake with the original and see how similar they actually are.

(via Alternative Press)

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