A New Mod Makes The PC Version Of ‘GTA V’ Look Breathtakingly Realistic

Earlier this year, Grand Theft Auto V was finally released for PC, which means it’s now open season for modding. So far, we’ve seen a lot of quirky mods and wacky recreations of the intros to ’90s TV show like Arthur, King of the Hill and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but not a whole lot that actually improves the game’s presentation or core experience. Well, that’s set to change with the impending release of Toddyhancer, a mod that tweaks GTA V’s visuals to look nearly photorealistic.

Most developers intentionally don’t make their games 100 percent photorealistic. True realism can be disorienting, and can cause some pretty wicked motion sickness, so most games turn up their colors, textures and lighting to give everything a slightly unreal edge. Of course, clever modders can dial down that “heightened” look and make everything look shockingly true-to-life. A similar mod was released for GTA IV, but, obviously, modders are working with much richer source materials with GTA V.

You can check out a quick clip of Toddyhancer in motion above, and a few screenshots courtesy of the mod’s creator Martin Bergman, below.

You can check out many more screenshots of Martin Bergman’s Toddyhancer Facebook page.

I probably wouldn’t be able to play more than 10 minutes of photorealistic Grand Theft Auto V before having to go lay down, but it’s certainly impressive.

via VG 24/7