GTA V’s New Update Features A Secret That Will Let You Play As Bigfoot

GTA V is getting a little stranger. The game’s newest update, which was released last week, features a mysterious new achievement called “Cryptozoologist,” which taunts players by asking them if they’re sure they’ve found every animal in the game’s universe. Spoiler alert: they haven’t. That’s because GTA V’s newest animal is Bigfoot, and finding him is difficult, just like in the real world.

Kotaku reports that the mystery of the new achievement was revealed today when a player figured out exactly what they needed to do to fulfill its requirements:

…r/Chiliadmystery member rkRusty made a breakthrough related to the mystery: they found a new Peyote plant that, once digested, could transform the player into Sasquatch—thus allowing the player to have a drug-addled adventure as Big Foot.

It was not happenstance. The player had dug into the GTA files and found the coordinates for every existing Peyote plant, and in doing so, discovered that there were actually a few unknown and unaccounted Peyote plants listed in said files. They also noted that there was a segment in the code that would only trigger if the weather type was set to foggy.

So rkRusty put two and two together, forced the game to become foggy, and then proceeded to these exact coordinates: -1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862.

What happened was that rkRusty ingested some peyote and had themselves an amazing adventure as the world’s most elusive creature of folklore. And while players aren’t exactly sure whether all the conditions rkRusty went through have to be met, it’s pretty clear that you’re not going to be terrifying townspeople unless you have a 100 percent completion rate.

But considering how cool being Sasquatch looks, it might be worth all that effort.

(Via Kotaku)