Guile’s ‘Street Fighter’ Theme Is Even More Amazing With Lyrics About His Lack of Eyebrows

Guile’s Street Fighter II theme is awesomest tune in video game history. It goes with everything, and should maybe, probably be America’s new national anthem.

Well, the nutty folks from Fox’s Animation Domination imagined lyrics for the legendary theme, and those lyrics are mostly about… eyebrows? Guile has a distinctive, caveman-like brow, but no eyebrows. The only explanation is that he shaves them off, for some reason. It’s not like a lack of eyebrows is a universal Street Fighter thing. Ryu has monster caterpillars. Even Chun-Li has some solid brows. No, this is a specific Guile fetish. Shrug.

Go USA, but go away, if you’re Guile’s eyebroooows…

via Kotaku