‘Headlander’ Teams Up Double Fine And Adult Swim

Double Fine is never less than… let’s say “unique” in their take on video games and their basic concepts, and one of the company’s hallmarks is changing clothes to change your abilities. Stacking had you nest in various Russian dolls to get their powers. Costume Quest had finding pieces of your costume as a gameplay mechanic. Headlander, though, takes it to a new level; now you’re a disembodied head landing on and taking over various robot bodies.

The basic plot is that you’re the last flesh-and-blood human in a world of robots where everybody’s made themselves into a digital consciousness. And, uh, you’re just a flying head. Fortunately, these robots have dockable slots on their bodies for you to rest your head, allowing you to gun down foes and take advantage of unique abilities like trotting around as if you were riding a horse. What that’s useful for, we’re not sure, but we’re looking forward to finding out.

There’s no release date beyond 2016 just yet, but everybody will get a crack at it; the game is arriving for both PC and consoles. Really, all Adult Swim has to do is promise Double Fine gets to make a Venture Brothers game if this sells well, and it’s in the bag.

(Via Adult Swim)