Here’s A Glimpse Of Nathan Fillion And Company Reading Their Lines For ‘Firefly Online’

Yes, Joss Whedon now has all the time in the world and a ton of cache following his stint as the creative czar of the Marvelverse, but that doesn’t mean that a Firefly reunion movie or some kind of TV continuation is in the works. There’s still the matter of everyone else’s schedules and the cost of doing the thing right. I’m not saying that it isn’t possible, just that it isn’t likely. And so accepting that, you look for the next best thing besides re-watching the show and Serenity until you memorize all the dialogue.

Firefly Online could be that next best thing if it winds up being as good as it looks when it comes out later this year, and a big part of the excitement about that project is that they got the original cast to return to do the voice over work. And while the full breadth of those performances can’t be appreciated until we’re all able to get hands on the game, these videos of Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Summer Glau in the booth offer up a small glimpse while also allowing us a chance to see these actors playing these characters again… in a way.

Again, sometimes you’ve just gotta settle for the next best thing.

Source: VG247