Here’s Gameplay Footage Of Overkill’s ‘Walking Dead’ FPS From E3

What a bounty of gaming goodness E3 has been this year! And the guaranteed hits keep coming, with Overkill giving us our first look at gameplay footage from their upcoming co-op first person shooter Walking Dead game. This isn’t a continuation of the Telltale Games’ Walking Dead series or Survival Instincts, the terrible last attempt at a Walking Dead FPS. This is a new and highly anticipated take on the co-op shooter genre from Overkill, the studio behind the excellent Payday bank heist games.

Thus far, everyone is extremely excited about what Overkill is bringing to the table, including Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, who has been hyping up the game and oversaw the development of the story. It will take place in the Walking Dead comic book universe, but ditches the familiar setting of the south for Washington, D.C. during the start of the zombie apocalypse.

Another reason to get excited about this Walking Dead game: Starbreeze Studios, the developers who own Overkill, are also behind the new StarVR headset, which has 210 degrees of horizontal field of vision and 5k resolution. A select number of people got to try out a special VR demo of the game, and while rift sickness was a major complaint, the consensus is that it’s a hell of an experience.

Starbreeze promises you’ll be able to play the VR version of the game for more than five minutes without vomiting when it comes out for PC in 2016. The game will also be available in non-VR form for all current-gen consoles at the same time. When exactly in 2016 hasn’t been announced, but I know I can’t wait for it to come out so I can smash some walker skulls!