Here’s Your First Good Look At The Action-Heavy Battle System Of ‘Final Fantasy XV’

Final Fantasy XV won’t exactly be a traditional RPG – you definitely won’t be lining you party up on one side of the room, and trading menu-based attacks with enemies on the other side of the room. No, Square-Enix has promised Final Fantasy XV will be much more action-driven, but how, exactly, will the game’s battle system work?

Well, a video of Final Fantasy XV in action just hit the web, and things are looking promising. Basically, the battle system looks very much like Batman: Arkham Asylum, with main character Noctis bounding fluidly from one enemy to the next. There’s also a bit of Dishonored-style Blink warping mixed in for flavor. Oh, and of course, you attack everybody with a giant light sword, because Final Fantasy.

Check out the action below…

Looking damn solid, although some questions remain. How will other party members be handled? Is magic a part of the game? Can I fight those running cactus guys?

Via GamerSyndrome