Greatest Generation Heroes Became Something More When They Formed A Team

No military force succeeds without teamwork. Victory requires leaders who can see the big picture and inspire their teams to march where most would never dare to march. And, above all, it requires men and women willing to propel themselves toward danger out a sense of duty to their country and those they fight beside.

Stories have told us that these teams are often made up of specific personalities. And in Call Of Duty: World War II, players get the chance to see those components of a team at work, playing as leaders that are able to see the bigger picture and inspire their units to march when most others would be crawling. As soldiers that serve as the heart and connection to the cause and the people at home. As fighters with smarts and instincts that seem to see everything slowed down in front of them, allowing them to spot details and pathways others might miss as they charge forward with their teammates. And as survivors who pull everyone through because they’re too damn tough to die or watch anyone on their team give up.

That these disparate types have come together time and time again to do battle and win real wars proves that there is strength in numbers and glory in relying on teamwork to accomplish a goal. Something players will experience as they gain a deeper appreciation for the hard-won battles of World War II in Call Of Duty.

Experience the thrill of teamwork for yourself when Call of Duty®: WWII hits gaming consoles everywhere on November 3rd

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