‘Hitman’ Goes A Little Crazy As Players Can Now Assassinate Gary Busey

Yes, that is a real headline. The latest Hitman game has added infamous Hollywood madman Gary Busey to the mix, and yes, you can take the guy out. In fact, it’s encouraged.

For those who haven’t been playing the new episodic Hitman game, the series now features various “Elusive Targets,” who are difficult to find, and only remain in the game for a week. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. So far all these targets have been fictional characters, but in March, Hitman developer IO Interactive polled fans on whether they wanted Gary Busey or fellow actor Gary Cole to be the next target. Obviously Busey won the vote, because come on, of course he did. Not all Garys are created equal.

You can check out a digital Gary Busey in action at the top of this post. The trailer doesn’t really give a particular reason why Agent 47 has to kill Busey, but I suppose “he’s Gary Busey” is explanation enough. In other important news, the trailer hints Busey may have invisibility powers, which is something I’ve always secretly suspected and feared.

Hitman players can start hunting for Gary Busey today, but remember, he’s only around for a week.

(via PC Gamer)