‘Hitman: The Complete First Season’ Showcases The Pleasures Of Murder

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Who doesn’t want to be Agent 47? The globetrotting assassin has spent years in the gaming imagination as the ultimate silent killer. Sneaking in, arranging the hit, and sneaking out is all the fun. But does it have to be anything else?

Hitman: The Complete First Season (PS4, Xbox One, And PC)

Artistic Achievement

47’s antics have never looked, or sounded, quite so good. The game starts with a witty parody of tutorials, where you play 47 reenacting his agency’s greatest hits on shoddy sets — complete with a hilarious moment where, if you’re clever, you can force your fellow assassins to break character when you perform a particularly cruel hit — and goes from there. The game looks beautiful and sounds gorgeous, but the real bonus here is the little side conversations 47 can overhear as he wanders across the world, ready to pick off a target. IO Interactive has managed to create some genuinely amusing little characters for players to stumble over.


After Hitman: Absolution experimented with a mix of slightly more linear, but still open, levels to kill your way through while following a plotline, the franchise goes back to basics here. The focus is on individual missions mostly tied together by 47 and his handler that require players to piece together the best way to bump off targets without being spotted. Or you can just shoot him in the face and run for the exit. It’s up to you! Still, considering that this was the stealth game pioneer, they could have stood to shake things up a bit more.

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