‘Homefront: The Revolution’ Ignites A War In Its New Trailer

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03.31.16 8 Comments

Homefront: The Revolution is a video game about North Korea invading Philadelphia and those scrappy Americans taking the cradle of freedom back, developed by a British studio and published by a German company. That might explain why this trailer, while entertaining, feels just a bit unusual.

The trailer is themed around quotes; you’ve got your classic Thomas Paine, an inspirational quote from JFK, one from Malcolm X, and Ben Walker, who’s either an obscure New York Congressman or a character in the game they’re trying to lump in with some key American historical figures. Mostly it’s all about the importance of rights and freedom, which are absolutely great things, but in the context of car bombs being set off, just has an odd feel to it. After all, this is the kind of stuff a bunch of guys in Oregon were spouting off recently. For this to feel like something other than “AMERICA! F*CK YEAH! THE GAME!,” they need to spend some time looking at the classic problem of how you sort the terrorists from the freedom fighters.

That said, this game’s developers have a pedigree that includes the beloved TimeSplitters franchise, although also the, uh, much-less-beloved Haze. So, if nothing else, it’ll be fun to play. We’ll find out for sure May 17.

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