Honest Trailers Brings ‘Fallout 3’ Out Of The Vault

The Honest Trailers team will probably have their houses burned down by angry fans after this one, where they call Fallout 3 the most mediocre game of the series and Elder Scrolls wearing Mad Max‘s skin. But, uh, they kinda have a point. At least they acknowledge the greatness of New Vegas.

Although they also have a good point about VATS. I actually never liked VATS; Fallout 3 is an FPS, and the whole “let’s pause the game and roll some virtual dice!” thing felt more like Bethesda trying to pay lip-service to the history of the series than an actual, workable mechanic. It doesn’t help that I have never, ever once seen anybody click anything other than “head” using VATS. Come on, if you want the headshot, earn it.

Anyway, we won’t ruin the ending of the trailer, but, suffice to say, all their complaining has a payoff. We now wait for fall, and Fallout 4.

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