Infographic Of The Day: Videogames Pwning Hollywood In Release Week Sales

In a post last December, Venturebeat declared that “video games are the new movies,” citing how Call of Duty Black Ops game sales had topped $1 billion faster than any game in history, and much faster than the time it takes for a blockbuster movie to do so. The New York Post also recently noted how the modern video game industry appear to be, unlike the film and music industries, somewhat immune to the perils of a recession.

“As music labels and Hollywood studios grapple with declining sales of CDs and DVDs, the videogame business seems to be having a much better time,” the paper opined. “US game sales rose 3 percent last month, to $1.36 billion, compared to figures in the year-ago period, industry sales figures released yesterday show … The console segment sales gained 12 percent, with Microsoft Xbox jumping 27 percent — while Wii rose 14 percent and Sony Playstation 3 rose 12 percent.”

To further help illustrate how movies are having their asses handed to them by video games, here’s a handy infographic created by G+ showing how video game sales have stacked up against movie releases in first week sales over the last five years. It’s quite eye-opening…