Is 2K Dropping Hints About The Next ‘BioShock’?

If you pay attention to video games at all, 2K has been going out of its way to promote something it’s calling Advent, complete with a “hacked” website. The website is purposely vague, but you can glean a few hints: It’s a closed city you have to volunteer to enter. The populace is genetically manipulated to live longer. And it’s run by a seemingly benevolent and yet sinister power that watches everybody, with a rebellion trying to fight back.

Hmmmmm. Sounds familiar! True, the BioShock franchise, in broad strokes, isn’t exactly brilliantly creative, but we’ve got a few reasons to believe this is the next BioShock.

First of all, in 2014, Take Two announced 2K Marin would be working on the franchise in the wake of Irrational shutting down. 2K Marin, after putting out the underrated (and sadly not as popular as it should be) X-Com: The Bureau Declassified, has been silent for two years. Generally, game-release schedules work in a two-year cycle, so they’re about due for an announcement.

Second, BioShock Infinite was a game with a lot of hype and seemingly relentless arguments that still sold six million copies. No major publisher is in the risk-taking game, so a popular shooter franchise for modern consoles is exactly what Take Two wants to bide its time between Rockstar releases.

Third, it would essentially take the series back to its science-fiction roots. Of course, we’ll likely see the truth come June when E3 rolls around, but don’t be surprised if we’re taking another trip to a lighthouse.

(Via vg247, advent future, gamespot and Twitter)