Is A Kick To The Nuts Better Than GameStop?

Senior Contributor

If you’re a gamer, a developer, a publisher, or a console manufacturer, you hate GameStop. But do you hate it more than being kicked in the testicles? is hoping you do, apparently. Either that or they just wanted to win a bet about being able to make an ad featuring a grown man getting punted in the crotch by a midget.

And it’s not like Glyde isn’t right: GameStop makes about half of their profits buying used games for dirt and selling them at a sky-high price. Although how long that will last is a good question, with console makers and publishers pushing digital downloads, Amazon and other websites wading into the used game market, and Best Buy selling used games.

Then again, none of them feature a guy getting kicked in the crotch in their ads. So we’re inclined to go with them.

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