Is GameStop Getting Rid of Its Used Game Section?

Is GameStop going to stop selling its wildly profitable used games in favor of, um, selling monkeys or something? Of course not! It will still continue to sell used games! They’ll just be mixing in the used games and the new games together in a way that will make it almost impossible to tell the two apart!

Kotaku has a leak from EB Games employees in Canada that confirms the hated corporation will be stripping away the distinctive markers of “used” and also eradicating the “used” section completely. We’re sure they have some excuse about computer systems or shipping or something, but realistically, the timing on this, right before Black Friday, announces their intent quite clearly: They want to confuse shoppers as much as possible into buying used games, which make GameStop a fortune, and not new games, which don’t. And if they’re older games, with similar price points, so much the better.

GameStop is currently at war with the video games industry, which has started including exclusive incentives for people who buy games new and charging used buyers for functions like online access. But this is a new low even for them. This is why you’ll be downloading your games in the future, folks.