Jim Ross Is Commentating On Non-Wrestling Video Games Again, And It’s Still The Best Thing

07.14.14 5 years ago 6 Comments

Jim Ross and three poor excuses for human beings, by Gawd. 

As we discovered a couple weeks ago, the only thing better than Jim Ross doing commentary for pro-wrestling is Jim Ross doing commentary for video games. Well, great news Boomer Sooners — good ol’ Jim Ross is back to shout more ridiculous things at your favorite games! Listen to JR describe the diabolical, career-shortening hell-structure that is The Elimin–er, Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple, and thrill as BUSINESS PICKS UP in Grant Theft Auto V.

Check out the latest Jim Ross/gaming mashup from TheBlueOwl below…

Still no Sly Cooper/pet coon clip. Guess I really do have to make my own Jim Ross video game commentary video — speaking of which, are there any games out there that star mules? Government mules, specifically?

Via Kotaku

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