Hands-On With ‘Just Cause 4’: It’s Like ‘Minecraft’ For Murder

11.12.18 1 month ago

Square Enix

While there is no shortage of open-world, open-destruction sandbox action-adventure games dominating popular culture at any given moment, one of the genre’s longest-running franchises is set to return. Just Cause 4, the latest installment in a franchise that first launched all the way back in 2008, will be released on Dec. 4.

UPROXX was able to attend a hands-on event presented by publisher Square Enix and developer Avalanche Studios. We played through the first couple of missions in the game proper and checked out the full, unlocked open world that players will experience near the endgame. The game takes place on the island nation of Solis, which is plagued by civil war and extreme weather. We do mean extreme weather, as each of the distinct climates on the island has its own specific, roving meteorological nightmare to either avoid or interact with, including tornados, lightning storms, sandstorms, and blizzards.

The hero of the series, Rico Rodriguez, finds himself on the island investigating the cause of the extreme weather and the death of his father, and accidentally finds himself assisting a group of guerrilla soldiers against the remorseless Black Hand, which controls Solis. That’s the necessary backstory, but the meat of the matter is that you’ll use Rico to kill and explode everything in sight with your shockingly versatile grappler tool. Causing as much mayhem as possible is actually part of the point of the game, as your chaos meter fills as you wreak more havoc, emboldening your militia and unlocking more troops, squads, and upgrades.

In addition to flying from place to place and crafting the most diabolical concoctions of mayhem you can — and, we assume, playing through the actual missions that advance the story — you’ll instruct squads to capture different points and force the Black Hand back. There is a lot to do in this game.

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