Here’s A Bunch Of Kids Reacting To An Original Game Boy To Make You Feel Super Old

This kid is one of the less obnoxious ones, believe it or not.

Kids today pretty much emerge from the womb holding an iPad, so what might this generation of brats think about the handheld electronic device that really started it all, Nintendo’s Game Boy? Well, they start out optimistic! They notice it’s got the word Nintendo on it, so like, maybe it’s some version of the Wii? Or, uh, the original DS?

Theeen they start to play it, and, well, to quote one of the kids, “I kind of feel sad for the people in the past”. Oh yeah kid? Well, well…yeah, you’re probably right to.

Get ready to hate some perfectly innocent kids…

Thank goodness for the green-shirted Asian kid — I need to know I have a new generation of readers out there somewhere.

Via TheFineBros