The Second Episode Of The New ‘King’s Quest’ Series Finally Arrives This Month

Earlier this year, the venerable King’s Quest made its grand return as an episodic series. The first episode, A Knight to Remember, was, simply put, one of the best games of 2015. Beautiful, full of heart and surprisingly meaty (at five to 10 hours, it was as long as many full adventure games), A Knight to Remember more than lived up to the King’s Quest legacy. And then the waiting began.

King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember came out in July, and since then, publisher Activision has remained tight-lipped about when the second episode would arrive. It’s been so long that some began to wonder if another episode was coming out at all. Well, you can stop worrying, because Activision has announced King’s Quest: Rubble Without a Cause will available for download December 15, just in time for folks looking for digital stocking stuffers. Digital stockings are a thing, right?

Activision hasn’t provided a plot synopsis for Rubble Without a Cause, but based on the teaser trailer and images released, the episode seems to revolve around Graham being kidnapped by Goblins. All in all, this chapter looks quite a bit darker than the first one. Here are a few more images…

(Via Destructoid)