Kirby In A Realistic Game Engine Is Really, Really Creepy

Kirby is possibly Nintendo’s most adorable, least offensive mascot. He’s all pink and squishy and adorable, there’s no possible way he could be turned into nightmare fuel, right? Unreal Engine 4 has the answer to that question!

This video comes to us courtesy of CryZENx, a developer who does Unreal 4 tests by putting mascots like Sonic and Pokemon into the mix. There’s something about Kirby floating through a realistic environment that’s just slightly off-putting. He does not appear to have his “eat things and gain their abilities” power working, which is probably just as well. Imagining a real deer sucked into Kirby’s guts and turned into an adorable pair of antlers on his head really would not have helped things.

Fortunately, Nintendo seems more interested in rendering Kirby in clay, these days, so we’re unlikely to see Kirby’s Nightmarish Real-World Adventures. Besides, he might eat the NFL, and that would be bad news for everybody.

(via CryZENx)