‘Gears Of War’ Creator Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game Is The Multiplayer Shooter ‘LawBreakers’

A few years back, outspoken Gears of War (and Jazz Jackrabbit!) creator Cliff Bleszinski left his longtime home at Epic Games, and, since then, gamers have been waiting to see what the influential developer would create next. Well, that wait is over, as Cliffy B has announced LawBreakers, a five-on-five, free-to-play, arena-based shooter. Phew, that’s a lot of hyphenated catchwords!

LawBreakers may seem like a generic title, but it has a clever double meaning, as the game takes place in a world where the damn moon explodes, which obviously messes with the regular laws of gravity. After this event, known as “The Shattering,” the remaining human population divides itself up into rival gangs, and you’ll have to decide which side you’re on.

In terms of gameplay, LawBreakers sounds like a lot of recent multiplayer shooters. There will be jetpacks and grappling hooks, and many of the stages will focus heavily only “vertical” gameplay. So, basically Titanfall, except with no mechs? That doesn’t sound terribly inspiring, but Bleszinski has earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to shooters.

LawBreakers is being published by Korean free-to-play specialists Nexon, and will debut sometime in 2016. Anybody out there interested in breaking some laws?

via Kotaku