Leonard Nimoy Now Has Several Permanent Memorials In ‘Star Trek Online’

Ever since the death of Leonard Nimoy, fans have been clamoring for ways to pay tribute to the actor and icon. Thousands of players of the MMORPG Star Trek Online began flocking to the game’s virtual version of Vulcan to pay their respects, but unfortunately once they got to the planet, nobody was quite sure what to do next. There needed to be some sort of memorial for players to gather at, and the developers of Star Trek Online promised to give them exactly that.

Less than a week later, they delivered. The developers even went above and beyond their promise — creating numerous tributes to the former Mr. Spock. There’s a Spock statue on Vulcan bearing the inscription “Live Long and Prosper”:

On New Romulus, a similar statue bears the inscription “The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few”:

Black flags will be hung in several locations in the game, and plaques bearing the names of deceased Star Trek: The Original Series collaborators will be placed in the Earth Spacedock, Qo’noS, and New Romulus locations:

The ability and willingness of the developers to update the game’s world like this is pretty cool. More MMO developers should do the same.

via Blastr