Watch A Deathclaw Macho Man Randy Savage Take On Hulk Hogan In Your New Favorite ‘Fallout 4’ Mod

At last, a chance to watch Macho Man Randy Savage snap into a wastelander as some kind of human/fancy hat/Deathclaw hybrid.

According to IGN, the gift of the monsterized jerky magnate/wrestling icon comes by way of AronaxAE’s Fallout 4 PC mod (sorry, console kids). The mod is based on a Skyrim mod by FancyPants that merged Macho Man with a dragon. But while that version spat fire (and Machoisms, which the Deathclaw does, as well), the Deathclaw’s ability to seemingly pop out of nowhere and get right in your face makes him a little more intimidating, I think.

We’re not here to compare beasties, though. We’re here to watch Hulk Hogan run away barefoot in his underoo bottoms from one or more MachoClaws, knowing full well that he deserves a vicious beating for having love in his black heart for Miss Elizabeth, oooh yeah.

If you want to do more than watch, though, you can find the Macho Man mod instructions at NexusMod. Sadly, you’ll have to create your own version of Hulk Hogan, and there are no other classic wrestlers in the mod or the game. If you squint while fleeing for your life, however, the Mirelurk King kinda looks like The Ultimate Warrior, does he not?

(Via IGN)

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