The Launch Trailer For The ‘Mad Max’ Video Game Is Filled With Fire And Blood

Today’s a big day if you’re into hunky dudes driving much too fast across the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback. Today marks the release of both Mad Mad: Fury Road on DVD and the Mad Max video game. The Mad Max game isn’t necessarily a Mad Max: Fury Road tie-in, but both the game and movie have had a long, rather tortured development, and definitely share a lot of DNA. Consider it a spiritual tie-in.

The launch trailer for Mad Max delivers everything you’d expect from a game based on George Miller’s slightly insane universe. Crazy-looking flame-spewing cars, sun-baked vistas, growly-voiced warlords, brutal hand-to-hand combat and, of course, lots of nihilistic narration from Max himself (this Max isn’t played by Tom Hardy, so he might be a bit more talkative). We even get some brief shots of Max pulling off some pro wrestling moves, so yeah, this is gonna be good.

Some quick notes on GammaSquad’s Mad Max related plans – I’m going to be streaming the game for a couple hours on Wednesday afternoon, and a review should be coming shortly thereafter. What do you folks think? Does Mad Max look shiny and chrome, or is this just another licensed game?