Choose Your Own Madness In This ‘Mad Max’ Interactive Trailer

We’re two weeks out from being able to go completely mad, and Mad Max has rolled out a new interactive trailer to show off what makes it different from other open world games. And, most notably, if you’ve been itching for some more demolition-derby style car combat, this game appears to deliver a lot of it.

We expect no less from a Mad Max game, of course, and the dev team has claimed the game is 60 percent driving and blowing stuff up while driving. But the mechanics we see in this trailer are especially interesting. It looks like you’ll have a sidekick during the car combat sections who can hit your targets for you, while you slam into your foes. You’ll also have a laundry list of weapons to use, from harpoons to flame-throwers to, of course, spikes and rams. The customization options look to draw heavily from the movies, so if you really want to build one of the vehicles you’ve seen on screen, you can. Sorry, we’re not seeing any Doof Warriors.

Also of interest is the gameplay variety; there appears to be a lot of environmental destruction, and weather effects here don’t just serve to show off the graphics engine. It looks like electrical storms and dust devils will affect how you play the game and what strategy you use to solve different situations. It also appears you’ll be able to hop out of your car any time and use your bare hands on War Boys.

Overall, it looks like the movie, but playable, and if you’ve been fiending for more combat along the lines of Twisted Metal, it looks like you’ll get your wish. You can fill your console or PC with fire and blood September 1.