‘Mario 64: Chaos Edition’ Is The Horror That Happens When Mario Overdoses On Game Genie Codes

Oh sh*t, Mario was in the Matrix all along?

I miss the day of the Game Genie/Gameshark – you know, those add on cartridges that let you enter lengthy codes that would break your game in various creative ways. Well, mod-maker Kaze Emanuar created a version of Mario 64 that loads in a constant barrage of Gameshark codes as you play, and the result is chaotic, often hilarious, and sometimes downright creepy.

Here’s YouTuber VineSauce taking Super Mario 64: Chaos Editon for a very erratic walk…

Here’s another acid trip stroll through the Mushroom Kingdom.

Will breaking Mario 64 ever not be hilarious? I’d venture to say no. You can download the Mario 64: Chaos Edition mod here.

Via Kotaku