‘Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite’ Teases A Release Date And The Cinematic Feel To The Story

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12.28.16 2 Comments

We’re set to be treated to another brawl between our favorite Marvel characters and the memorable creations from the Capcom world in 2017, but now we have a clearer picture of when Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite will land in our consoles. According to an interview in Japan’s 4 Gamer (via Event Hubs), Capcom’s Tomoaki Ayano reveals that the game will hit in late 2017. He also goes on to note that the reason for this is tied into the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter, giving plenty of space for the original fighting sensation — or at least the game that led to that — and the latest addition to the Marvel Vs. Capcom series.

That’s not the only good news about the latest showdown. It would seem that story is going to be a central focus this time around, drawing from the Marvel Cinematic Universe elements being brought into the game and mixing it to craft a story that will apparently affect how you play the game. Capcom’s Michael Evans seemed to express as much during his chat with Sony at the PlayStation Experience event:

“Another huge pillar of the game is going to be the story. For the first time, we’re getting to tell the story of how the worlds come together. Mega Man X is going to fit very deeply into the story along with Captain Marvel.”

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