The New ‘PS4 Pro’ ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ 4K Tech Video Is Stunning And Bad News For Your Wallet

Sony’s Playstation Meeting in New York has been eventful, with the Playstation Neo officially being dubbed the PS4 Pro. Some gamers aren’t digging the idea of shelling out more cash just a few years after launch for a new system and a 4K TV, but for those lucky enough to live in a perfect gaming environment, this should excite you.

Bioware released a 4K tech video showing off a bit of stunning Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay on a PS4 Neo. Even without a 4K setup, you can see the virtually flawless framerate in conjunction with some impressive lighting effects, HDR10 and a general smoothness that whispers, “perfection.” This video is making my wallet shriek in agony.

In the video, we see the new crew of Mass Effect protagonists exploring an alien structure. Plants are found and categorized in a very No Man’s Sky type of way. The new jet pack looks fun and allows players to move in like we’re in a platformer, rather than a highly-engaging action-RPG.

The cut-scene is also drool-worthy. It looks like Bioware’s decision to delay ME:A until 2017 was a good one. The first Mass Effect was full of technical problems that burdened the player. This, however, looks like we’ll be having no issues.