‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Leaks Gameplay And A New Way Of Getting Around

Mass Effect: Andromeda is fairly mysterious as games go. We know we’re not following Commander Shepard, shameless endorser, and that the game takes place years after the events of Mass Effect 3. So, of course, gamers have gone looking for tidbits, and they might have found a few in the form of an effects reel buried deep on a company’s website.

Like any unconfirmed leak, it’s best to be skeptical of the above footage. It might be, however unlikely, a very elaborate fake, or left over from a prototype; indeed, there’s a few hints that indicate the footage might be from a few years ago. Still, it’s an interesting look at a game we won’t be seeing for another year or so, and there are a few attention-getting ideas here, starting with that jetpack. It appears it’s going to add a little verticality to the game and give you a few more options for dealing with swarms of enemies, which should shake up the game’s third-person shooting. More subtly, it appears that we might be returning to Mass Effect 2‘s level design, where instead of just zipping from level to level, you can actually find weird stuff and side plots in the galaxies you explore. That’s been hinted at elsewhere, and a seamless, open-world galaxy to poke around in sounds like a lot of fun, albeit something Mass Effect will have to put a different spin on than No Man’s Sky. We’ll find out one way or another in 2017.

(Via Gamespot)