‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Shows That We’re The Aliens In Its First Trailer

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11.07.16 2 Comments

While we’ve seen a trailer or two for Mass Effect: Andromeda, the game has mostly stayed under wraps. This lack of information has been especially curious because it’s going to be in our hands in only a few months. So today EA and Bioware took the wraps off, and the game is undeniably impressive.

As is usual in the franchise, you’re one of two heroes, who has to save humanity as a Pathfinder, an explorer charged with finding a new home for Earth after the events of the third game. In classic SF style, you’ll come in peace only to start shooting the minute something goes wrong, recruit friends to your team so you can help them settle old grudges on side missions, and unravel some sort of mystery. On the gameplay side of things, it’s been revealed via box art and product descriptions that you’ll have boosted jumps, destructible environments, and a more flexible path to leveling up so you can build exactly the kind of Pathfinder you want to play.

And, of course, the decisions you make affect the overall path of gameplay, so whoever you choose to screw over will have consequences down the line as you go. We’ll find out just who will learn the hard way you can’t trust a human this spring.

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