The Mike Tyson Hoverboard FAIL Produced Two Phenomenal ‘Punch-Out!!’ Memes

If you’re anything like us, you can’t stop laughing at Mike Tyson eating it off his daughter’s pink hoverboard. The satisfying nature of watching someone injured by the pointless inanity of a personal conveyance device that is slower than walking is good on its own, but it’s extra spicy when a famous athlete is laid low by the fickle, murderous devices which have inexplicably taken over the nation.

But this wouldn’t be the internet if every funny video was spliced with its nearest cultural referent, which is why we’ve been blessed with not one, but TWO ways in which Mike Tyson getting owned by a hoverboard is given the Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! treatment. Above, the first-person character Lil’ Mac has jumped into our world, Roger Rabbit-style, to lay an absolute haymaker on the scooterin’ Tyson. Below, the hoverboard has been transported into the pixelated ring of Punch-Out!! to haunt Iron Mike’s dreams. Oh, the indignity of being knocked out not by a formidable boxing opponent, but by the very unsteady platform on which he until so recently stood.

So, which one do you prefer — an original(ish) animation or the RKO-style recontextualization? For my money, keeping things in the real world maintains the comedy of the whole thing, but the animation from SPUN is still very cool.

(Vine via user Ry Ry)