A New ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ Video Provides A Look At The Game’s Combat, Gadgets And Open World

In a couple short months, fans will finally be able to get their hands on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. We know the game is visually stunning, has a detailed storyline and will provide the same death-defying parkour action as the first game in the series, but a new developer diary provides some more details on how the game will play out.

This Mirror’s Edge takes place in a full open-world, and according to the game’s developer, DICE, the game will feature all the sidequests and extras you’d expect of a modern open-world game. We also get a look at the game’s combat, which focuses on momentum to provide a more dynamic experience. Basically, you’re going to be jumping off a lot of things and stomping guys very hard.

We also get a bit of a look at some of Faith’s new methods of getting around. Specifically her MAG Rope, which is basically a Batman-like grappling hook Faith can use to bridge gaps and pull her up to higher areas. It looks like it will open up the game considerably, and save you having to climb up quite so many drain pipes.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst scrambles onto store shelves May 24.

(via Polygon)